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HOW TO BOOK...  WHAT TO EXPECT...         

Everyone has a budget. You can have a wonderful ceremony without going into debt to do it. I applaud those who find creative ways to accomplish their dream wedding and manage to find shortcuts without giving up what they want. Find answers to commonly asked questions on our FAQ page.

Your first step: Booking your date. There is a booking fee of $25 for reserving your date. Give me a call and find out if I have your date open. (more details like ceremony fee below)

Second step: Mail your booking fee. When I receive it I will email a receipt and a set of files. This will include a Vows Collection, Add-Ons, and an outline. New! If requested, I am now adding a file on Readings and Prayers that are commonly read at weddings.

Third step: Go through the files, make your choices, fill in the blanks on the outline and return the completed outline to me. Don't worry, I send detailed instruction. Very easy.

Fourth step: I will write up the ceremony, return it to you to proof and make changes if you wish. If you approve the ceremony we're all set. If not, send it back and I make changes. I can make changes right up to the day of the wedding if necessary. This is also a good time to let me know about the bride's entry and how the attendants will be making their entrance.

Rehearsals: Rehearsals are by appointment, the fee is $50. Many small weddings don't really need rehearsal. Truthfully, unless you are anxious, or have a large wedding party (many attendants) and children participating in the ceremony you probably won't require a rehearsal. I won't charge for something you don't need but if you want rehearsal I am very happy to oblige. It's your option but some couples pay for the rehearsal and ceremony at rehearsal. One more thing accomplished before the big day.

Wedding Day: I will arrive at your location about 20 minutes before our scheduled time and check in with the bride and groom. Its a good time to make sure you have brought your license, meet your two witnesses and give them instruction. The bride and groom need not sign the documents, I need only the 2 witnesses after the ceremony. Ceremony fee of $125 is due on the ceremony date, if you have not opted to pay before.  If you prefer to make payment following the ceremony please enclose the check in the envelope with the license or delegate payment delivery to one of your witnesses. You should be free to visit with your guests.



Interfaith Ordinations

Ordained as Reverend by Universal Life Church 1993 Non-Denominational

Ordained by Church of Spiritual Humanism (Rev.)

Ordained in Moriah Tradition of Spirituality (Interfaith studies, Rev. and Abbess)

Ordained by Church of Transformational Wicca (Rev. and Priestess)

Other Qualifications:

Spiritual Group Leadership from 1992 to 2012.

Teaching spiritually-based and New Age topics in classes since 1994